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He retired in 2018 after having spent two years on reserve for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers due to a weak knee. In 2021, he was found dead in his home at the age of 38 with no clear cause of death. The toxicology report showed that when Dunn crashed his blood alcohol level was over twice the legal limit. This was not Dunn’s first DUI offense, and he was known to struggle with addiction. The coroner’s inquest revealed that Bonham had been on a real bender the day before his death, and reports suggest he had kicked off the day with 16 shots of vodka at breakfast. John Bonham was an English musician best known for the being the drummer of Led Zeppelin.

An autopsy showed no trace of any drugs in her stomach but did show a purplish discoloration of the colon. Toxicology studies found a massive amount of pentobarbital and chloral hydrate in her body. It was suggested that the purple colon was a manifestation of an inflammatory response to barbiturates, possibly administered by enema. (She had enemas frequently, as did other Hollywood stars.) Again, following her death, there was a cover-up by the Los Angeles Police Department and the government. Numerous celebrities of the past half century have been plagued with substance abuse problems, with disastrous results. This article highlights some of the most famous cases and briefly discusses medical views of substance abuse from Osler’s time to the present.

Celebrities Who Have Struggled with Alcohol Addiction

However, her death is still a mystery, and many are convinced that she was murdered by organized crime, the FBI, or the CIA. In order to preserve the Elvis image and legacy, a “cover up” was initiated by the family and the pathologists. The stomach contents at autopsy were destroyed before analysis, no real police investigation was conducted, and no drugs were found at Graceland. Elvis had visited the dentist the day before for a temporary crown and was given codeine. Later he called his physician, Dr. George Nichopoulas (“Dr. Nick”), for increased pain and was prescribed six hydromorphone tablets.

  • Downey Jr. suffered from alcoholism and many other drug addictions during the start of his acting career.
  • Comedian Adam Hills said the news of his friend’s death had “broken me slightly” but said the outpouring of love for Wilson had been heartwarming.
  • This material is provided for educational purposes only and is not intended for medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

Alcoholism is more than simply a lack of self control; today, it is considered an all out addictive disorder. A similar dispute arose later in 1990 over the union’s rejection of Lea Salonga to recreate her Olivier Award-winning leading role as a Vietnamese bar girl. At the time, Actors’ Equity was restricting the appearances of non-American performers on Broadway if they were not stars, to protect American jobs. (Ms. Salonga was not yet a star at the time.) But an arbitrator ruled that Ms. Salonga could play the role. He is known for the the ten movies he made with wife, Gene Rowlands. He died prematurely aged 59 because of the cirrhosis of liver caused by long term alcoholism.

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I regret the necessity.” King’s not about to pretend he didn’t have struggles with alcohol, nor does he think he should hide it, either. It’s a part of who he is, Arrest Of Boston Sober Home Operator Raises Questions About Addiction Treatment and he’s been sober ever since his family intervention. Celebrities get treatment for alcoholism in the same ways that other people get alcoholism treatment.

actors who died of alcoholism

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